Aadhatoda Vasica or Malabar Nut – Common and Botanical Names, Medicinal Uses and Precautions

Common and Botanical Names, Medicinal Uses and Precautions

Botanical and common names

The Botanical name of Adhatoda is Justicia adhatoda or Aadhatoda Vasica.It is commonly called as Malabar Nut or Adulsa and Vasa in sanskrit.

About Adhatoda

Adhatoda is a well known herb since times known. It doesn t require much water for growing. It is bitter in taste and has many medicinal uses. This is widely used in rural areas and is little known among the urban populations. It grows throughout India and in lower Himalayan region.

Primary Medicinal Uses

Respiratory Problems

The leaves, flowers, roots and bark are used as medicine. The primary function of Adhatoda is to cure respiratory problems. It is known to cure problems like acute bronchitis, asthma, cough and breathlessness.

Consuming the herb mixed with honey two times a day acts as an expectorant and helps you to get cured even from extreme cough. It dissolves the mucus and sputum formed in the lungs and respiratory tract. It is a major component of many expectorant and cough syrups available in the market

Child birth

The herb is known to be used by pregnant women at the time of child birth. Using this herb increases the uterine contraction and expansion thereby easing child birth through normal means. This has been used in ancient times, wherein the roots of the plant are tied to the back of the pregnant women at the time of delivery. It eases pain and causes painless delivery.

Intestinal Parasites

The herb also has the ability to kill intestinal parasites. You may consume about a spoon of the herb 2 times a day continuously for 3 days.


For people suffering from bronchitis along with indigestion, take adathoda syrup mixed with ginger juice in empty stomach in the morning. This gives immediate relief.

Other medicinal uses


The flowers of the herb can be used in treating tuberculosis. In Ayurvedha, a special medicine is made using Adathoda which completely cures tuberculosis.


It helps in curing wounds when locally applied. It also prevents both internal and external bleeding like piles and gum bleeding.


Women can take the herb for general weakness of the body. The herb improves the health of the person and rejuvenates the uterus. It improves the immune system.


The juice made from the leaves can be used to cure diarrhea.

Though there are various other medicinal uses, I have highlighted only the major ones.


To treat the disorders, you may consume half spoon of the Adhatoda powder per day. Or you can take about 5 ml of the extract, dilute it with equal quantity of water and consume it.

People who are suffering from asthma can inhale the smoke caused by firing the dried leaves of Adhatoda. This brings a great relief.


  • Pregnant women should not at all consume the herb, since it causes abortion. It can be used only at the time of child birth.
  • Consuming excess quantity results in diarrhea and vomiting.
  • Though this herb has many medicinal properties, it is not recommended to have it on a regular basis without any specific reason. It is better to use this herb only for treating the specific ailments

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