Akarkara or Analycus Pyrethrum – Ahrodisiac

About the herb, medicinal uses and side effects

Botanical and common names

The herb, Akarkara with botanical name as Analycus Pyrethrum and commonly called as Akarkara, Akkirakaram, Pyrethrum root, Spanish Pellitory, etc is native to Syria and Arabia and also widely found in India. This herb has stems that lie on the ground before rising erect. The roots are cylindrical in nature, become slightly twisted and tapering. It is often covered with grey hairs over it. The roots of the herb play a vital role for many medicinal uses, which are described below.

Medicinal Uses

Male Sexual health

Akarkara plays a very vital role in enhancing male sexual health. Taking the herb regularly cures nerve weakness, erectile dysfunction and impotence problems. It also delays ejaculation thereby helping you to last longer and cure premature ejaculation. Most of the markedly available sexual drugs have pyrethrum as a constituent. Taking the herb regularly rejuvenates the entire body, boosts sexual desire and makes you sexually healthy.

Stimulates Saliva

Taking Akarkara stimulates saliva in the mouth and extracts bad fluids from the mouth.

Mouth related Problems

The herb is also used to treat toothache. The essential oil extracted from the roots of the herb when applied over the painful tooth area, relieves pain. It can also used as a mouthwash which kills the germs and keeps the mouth healthy and odorless. Many of the mouthwashes contain Akarkara as a main constituent. The herb is widely used as a constituent in making toothpastes.

Sore throat

Take the root of the herb and boil it in water. Gargle the water when you have sore throat. This gives great relief.

Psychological disorders and suicidal thoughts

People with psychological disorders are often faced with suicidal thoughts. They are often caused by few hormones which are being produced in the brains. Consuming Akarkara has cured such problems and freed people from the oft faced suicidal thoughts.

Other Medicinal uses

It improves body resistance and aids in digestion. Diabetic people can also consume the decoction on a regular basis.

How to use

The roots of the herb are used for medicinal uses. The roots can be harvested in autumn and stored for use throughout the year. The roots can be preserved and stored.

How to identify genuine Akarkara or Prethrum root

When you chew the roots of the herb, it produces a prickling sensation in the tongue. This stimulates salivary discharge from the mouth. This is the peculiar characteristic of the Pyrethrum root.


In some people, it causes skin irritation and breathing related problems. It might cause irritation in the skin leading to redness. The prickling sensation might result in allergic reaction in mouth and throat.

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