Beer taste triggers pleasure centers in Brain

In today’s busy world, pleasure has become a dream. We work for money, hoping it could bring us some pleasure. But in reality, it’s not the case. It only makes us to go after more money and at the end, there is no happiness.

Very few people today don abstain from consuming beer. For those who consume beer even in small quantities, here’s an astonishing finding. Beer taste, even in mild way has a positive effect on the brain. Yes, it triggers the pleasure centers in the brain. Below are the details:

How Beer taste triggers pleasure centers in brain

It is not necessary that you have to be a regular drinker of beer. Even a small sip of beer triggers the dopamine receptors in the brain. Beer taste is found to have such a unique ability which affects the brain circuits and brings in pleasure.

Dopamine is the chemical responsible for triggering the pleasure centers in the brain. Researches till now have indicated that dopamine chemical gets triggered when there is an expectation of pleasure going to happen or during sex. Also, the chemical gets triggered when there is a craving for food. But this finding shows that dopamine can also be triggered by smelling and consuming of a drink, beer.

Does any other drink have a similar effect?

It has been found that beer taste has such a unique quality of triggering the pleasure cells in the brain. Similar effect has not been found with any other drinks like sports beverage, alcohol, etc.

Even though many people like many other drinks when compared to beer, when tested, the same people exhibited more pleasure centers in the brain, when exposed to a tiny beer taste.

Do you have a family history of alcohol?

An even more interesting finding is that if your family has a history of alcohol, the effect of the pleasure center is even more compared to those who don t have a family history of alcohol.

What does it mean to us?

This finding is evidence about why people crave for more and more beer once a person gets into the habit of consuming beer. We have seen in our previous article that consuming small quantities of beer is good for the health.

The study clearly shows that even a tiny quantity of beer taste triggers pleasure. Hence, it is very clear that there is no necessity to consume beer in large quantities.

For those who want to get out of the addiction of beer, it is very necessary to even be out of the aroma or smell of the beer. For those who feel depressed or want some pleasure, you can consume a sip of beer in a day.

It is not clear, whether this beer taste is responsible for the addictive behavior of consuming alcohol. Also, the alcohol contained in the beer is not responsible for triggering the pleasure. Because, before the alcohol reaches your stomach and before the alcohol has any effect, the pleasure cells already get stimulated. Hence, it is not necessary for you to consume any alcohol or other drinks with high alcohol content expecting pleasure.

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