Black Cohosh – Is it effective to treat hot flashes?

What is Hot Flash?

Hot Flash or Hot flush is a sudden feeling of heatness in the body that is often felt in the neck and head regions. It starts spreading over the entire body. This may result in a blushing face and sudden sweating. This is often considered a symptom of menopause or perimenopause due to the complex hormonal changes that occur due to the aging process.

Black Cohosh – Considered a remedy for Hot Flash

Black Cohosh (also called as Actaea racemosa or Cimicifuga racemosa by its botanical names) is considered a very effective remedy for treating Hot Flash. It has been consumed by women for a long time. There has been no evidence that Black Cohosh cures Hot Flash. However, many people especially in the United States have been consuming the commonly available Black Cohosh for treating Hot flash.

Black Cohosh Plant

Research Results – Black Cohosh may not be effective to treat hot flashes

A research was conducted to confirm if using Black Cohosh cures Hot Flash problems. It was given to a group of people who were undergoing menopausal problems. Another group of menopausal women were picked and observed without giving Black Cohosh. The result of the research confirmed that here was no significant evidence indicating that Black Cohosh cures Hot Flash problems.

What should we do?

A careful analysis reveals that there were several researches similar to the above that have been done in the past. While some researches suggest that Black Cohosh is not effective in treating hot flashes, some of the other researches confirm the drastic improvement of hot flashes in women experiencing menopausal sysmptoms.

It is advisable to consume Black Cohosh by women when facing menopausal problems. Since there are known side effects, it is better to consume the herb rather than getting diverted by misguiding multiple researches that result in contradictory results.

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