Medicinal Uses of Calotropis gigantea or White Madar

About Calotropis gigantea

Calotropis gigantea is a shrub and has clusters of flowers in white or lavender in colour. They grow widely in Thailand, Singapore, China, Sri Lanka and Malay Islands. In India, the shrubs are very common and grow widely in compounds of temples and other waste lands. They are called as Medar. The White Madar plants are very slow growing but are fleshy in nature especially the leaves and stems. The flowers, bark and the milky latex have high medicinal value.

The Hindus in India offer the flowers of Calotropis gigantea to Lord Ganesha. The flowers are said to cure all ailments and make you live healthily.

Common and Botanical Names of Calotropis gigantea

The botanical name of White Madar is Calotropis gigantea and belongs to the family Asclepiadeceae. The common names include White Madar, Sooryahvaya, Vella Erukku, Aka, Mandara, Svetarka, Arka, Asphoda, Vasuka, Alarka, etc. In Tamil, it is called as Erukku.

Primary Medicinal Uses

Remedy for poisonous snake bites

If bitten by poisonous snakes, few leaves of the plant are plucked and chewed. Alternatively, the roots of the plant are crushed and the juice is applied over the bitten area.


Juice is extracted from Calotropis gigantea leaves and mixed with equal quantity of honey. When consumed, it cures fever. The body temperature comes down immediately.

Intestinal Worms

Juice is extracted from the leaves and mixed with honey and consumed. The worms in the intestines get killed.

Stomach ulcers

The leaves of Calotropis gigantea are dried and powdered. They can be applied externally over the stomach to heal ulcers.

Rheumatic disorders

The plants of Calotropis gigantea have latex in them. This latex can be taken and applied over the infected area. This could be swellings or rat bitten areas or other disorder infected area. The latex can also be applied over the dental area for any tooth related problems.


White Madar acts as a strong purgative. It cleans the unwanted waste contained in the stomach and makes the stomach clean.

Stomach Disorders

Erukku is also very effective in curing various stomach disorders. The herb boosts the functions of the various organs in the body. They have the ability to expel the unwanted waste from the body very effectively. They are also very effective in curing dysentry.

Nerve disorders

The latex from the plant is taken and applied over the body to cure nerve disorders. The herb impacts a calm nature to the mind.


The flowers of the herb Erukku or White Madar have high medicinal value in treating asthma.


The herb increases the blood circulation in the body. It increases the energy levels. It keeps the mind calm, energizes the nerves and provides youthful feeling.


The herb has been used for inducing abortions in India. The leaves of the plant were inserted into the cervix so that it causes labor pains and induces abortion.

Skin Disorders

The oil extracted from the herb is used to treat skin problems like eczema, ringworm, etc. It also cures the bites caused due to insects or scorpions.

Additional Uses

Floral Decorations

The flowers of Calotropis gigantea are widely used as floral decorations. In some countries like Cambodia, the flowers are used as decorations in funerals..


  • The medicine should be consumed only in small quantities. If taken in excess, it induces vomiting.
  • Pregnant women should not consume this, since it induces abortion.

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