Detoxify your body with Oil Pulling

The term Oil Pulling looks like some technical way of doing something which is difficult. If you read this article, you will understand how simple it is to do. Though simple, the benefits of oil pulling are enormous and are difficult to comprehend. It is really difficult for someone to express how the person has really benefitted from the same.

Today we will see how to do Oil Pulling and the health benefits behind it.

What is Oil Pulling?

There has been an increase in the number of advertisements that are promoting people to do Oil Pulling. Though they are promoting this to increase the sales of the oil, the Oil pulling is a traditional Ayurveda technique which has been practiced since ancient times.

Oil pulling is nothing but rinsing your mouth with oil, preferable sesame oil.

How to do Oil Pulling?

Oil pulling needs to be done early in the morning, in an empty stomach. Take about a table spoon of oil. The ideal oil to be used is Sesame Oil. You may also prefer to do using sunflower oil. Other oils that can be used include coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil and vegetable oil. Take the oil in the mouth and hold in it for about 20 minutes. Mildly rinse the mouth with oil being held in it.

While doing this, the oil absorbs all the toxins present in the mouth. In addition, the oil absorbs the toxins from the body. Remember that you do not do it hastily. It takes about 20 minutes for the oil to absorb the toxins from the body.

Once you are done with doing the Oil pulling therapy, make sure that you brush your teeth immediately. This makes sure that all the toxins get removed completely.

How many times should we do Oil Pulling?

You may prefer to do Oil pulling on a daily basis. There is no harm in it. However, it is ideal to do it for about 3 times in a week. If situation does not permit you, do it at least for once in a week. The benefits cannot be realized immediately. It takes about a month to realize the benefits once you do it regularly. Make sure that the oil reaches all parts of your mouth when you rinse.

Though Oil pulling is being advised to all people by physicians for all people over 40, it is good for everyone to do Oil Pulling.

Benefits of Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is not only beneficial for the mouth, but also for the overall health of the body. Following are some of the benefits of doing Oil pulling regularly:

Benefits to the Mouth

  • Eliminates Tooth decay
  • Removes bad breath (halitosis)
  • Tooth becomes white
  • Tooth gums become healthier
  • Infects the germs present in the tooth

Other Body and Health Benefits

  • Body pain gets vanished
  • Problems related to menstrual cycle get rectified
  • Removes body toxins for the people who frequently feast in on the fast food and junk food
  • Good for people who consume alcohol
  • Cures people of unnecessary mood swings
  • Exhaustion / tiredness felt during the day gets vanished
  • Cures heart diseases
  • Cures Digestive disorders
  • Cures hormonal disorders

Some Special Benefits that People have experienced

  • Some people have experienced very special benefits due to use of Oil pulling. Some of them are:
  • People with sinuses have improved greatly when they practice oil pulling regularly
  • People who have been suffering from joint pain and lower back pain have reported significant benefits
  • Those suffering from Eczema have benefitted from the same
  • People who suffer from Arthritis have realized great benefits
  • The skin rashes and marks get disappeared
  • The skin becomes smooth and shining


  • Do not vigorously gargle your mouth with the oil in it. Only rinse mildly.
  • Do not swallow the oil. The oil that is being rinsed in the mouth contains the toxins which have been absorbed from the mouth and body.
  • When done for the first time, you might experience nausea. This is because of the excess toxins absorbed by the oil. In that case, you can spit the oil and take a fresh course of oil.

Do not underestimate the power of Oil pulling. Many people simply do not do this because they do not believe that such a simple method can do so many wonders. Try it, since it requires only some effort, compared to the price and energy needed for other medications.

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