Drink beer for a healthy heart

Drink beer for a healthy heart? Sounds weird, isn t it.

Medicine by itself is normally bitter. Everyone has a reluctance to consume medicine in any form. But this medicine is an exception. It is something that most people around the world love and fall a prey to. Yes, its beer and drinking beer leads to a healthy heart.

A recent research has brought good news for those who are drinking beer in small quantities. A pint of beer makes your heart healthy In a recent research, it has been established that consuming a lesser quantity of a pint of beer actually increases the health of the heart.

How is heart disease caused?

Heart disease, also called as cardiovascular disease refers to the group of ailments related the heart and the blood vessels. The reasons for getting infected with a heart disease include a variety of factors like stress, age, cholesterol level in the body, etc. The heart diseases include diseases like heart attack or stroke, hypertension, etc.

Heart disease is one of biggest killer disease in Britain. About 2.7 lakh people get infected with heart disease on a yearly disease and about one in three of them are fatal.

How does beer increase heart health?

It has been found that within a couple of hours of consuming beer, the blood flow to the heart increased. The blood arteries become flexible thereby increasing the flow of blood. It has been found that consuming 2/3rd of a pint of beer on a regular basis has reduced heart attack by 30%,  which is indeed a remarkable number.

It has been found that a combination of alcohol and the antioxidants in beer have a positive effect on the health of the heart.

How much is a pint of beer?

A British pint is about 58 mL. The recommended measure of consumption of beer is 2/3rd of a pint. That is about 380 mL. So you can drink 380 mL of beer daily and it is going to do good for your health and heart.

Does vodka and alcohol-free beer have the same benefit?

The research also went on to find if drinks like vodka and alcohol-free drinks also improve the heart health. It has been found that these drinks do not increase the health of the heart.

Other benefits of drinking beer

Drinking beer has been found to have other great health benefits. Some of them are:

  • Consuming beer in moderate quantities increases the HDL (or good cholesterol in the body) and decrease the LDL (the bad cholesterol in the body) leading to presence of healthy cholesterol in the body.
  • Beer is rich in vitamin B6. Consuming beer results in increase of vitamin B6 by 30 percentage.
  • Beer dissolves the kidney stones – its true that it increases the flow of urine to such an extent that the kidney stones get dissolved.
  • Improves mental health – Beer is a good stress reliever and is found to decrease Alzheimer’s disease. It also improves memory, reasoning and concentration as part of overall mental health.


Be aware that excess consumption of beer is harmful to the health and increases the chances of getting heart attack. You can consume only the small quantity as mentioned above. Consuming a low-fat diet combined with moderate daily exercise brings down the risk of heart disease by a large percentage. Also remember that you should have a habit of smoking for maintaining the health of the heart.

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