Health Benefits of Black Cumin Seeds

About Black Cumin Seeds

Black Cumin Seeds is one of the most powerful healing natural medicines available to mankind. As the name indicates, they are black in colour and thin crescent shaped. The herb is native to Egypt. They are widely used by people belonging to India, Egypt and countries in Middle East.

Though it is very tiny in nature, the seeds have about 100 chemical compounds (including vitamins, proteins, fatty acids, carbohydrates, minerals, etc) and some are not yet identified.

In Islam, it is believed that Black cumin seeds have the property to heal any type of disease except death. In bible, it is referred to as the curative black seeds. They have been used for various medicinal uses since very ancient times.

Black Cumin seeds are different from Cumin seeds (botanical name is Cuminum cyminum), although both look similar. However, Black Cumin seeds are black in colour unlike cumin seeds.

Common and Botanical Names

The botanical name of Black Cumin Seeds is Nigella sativa or Cuminum cyminum and belongs to the buttercup family or Umbelliferae. In Tamil, it is called as Karunjeeragam. Other common names include black cumin, black seed, Kalonji, fennel-flower, black caraway or nutmeg flower. They are also referred to as “Love in the Mist”. In Middle East countries, it is called as “Habbat al Barakah” meaning blessed seed.

The oil extracted from the seeds is called as Black Cumin oil. The other names include black seed oil or black oil.

Black seeds

Primary Medicinal Uses

Stomach Disorders

Karunjeeragam has the property of healing the problems related to stomach. It is being taken by people after having a heavy feast. They cure stomach disorders like constipation, flatulence and ease digestion. They also have the property to kill the intestinal worms.

Pancreatic Cancer

Based on research, it has been found that black cumin seed oil is successful in treating pancreatic cancer. Karunjeeragam has been serving as a miraculous medicine for treating this type of hardest cancer. Remember that the seeds are effective in treating in early stages of cancer.

Immunity Power

The seeds have the power to boost immunity power in the body. They induce production of bone marrow and help develop immune cells in the body. They help to recover from fatigue and stimulate new energy in the body. This is being prescribed to people who have problems with the immunity system.

Some doctors use the cumin seeds in combination with garlic. This is known to bring harmony in the body and prevent the immune cells from getting destroyed.

Skin Problems

The oil has been used since old times in treating skin disorders like psoriasis, acne, allergies, burns, rashes, etc.

Respiratory disorders

Karunjeeragam has the power to cure diseases arising due to respiratory disorders. They can cure cold, asthma, bronchitis problems.

Increased Breast Milk

The seeds have the property to increase milk production for feeding mothers.

Cough and Asthma Problems

To get immediate relief, those infected with cold need to chew a few black cumin seeds. Hot drinks made of cumin seeds can also be consumed. You can also consume the seed powder along with honey.

Apply warm Black seed oil to the chest and back. You can also boil water with a spoon of black seeds and inhale the vapour.

Beauty Cosmetics

Black cumin seeds have the property to strengthen hairs and nails and give them a glossy look. This has been used by few beauty queens since old times. Some people consume the oil in the form of capsules for few months. Some people prefer to apply the oil to the external body especially in the nails and hair.


Apply black oil over the head and nostrils. You can find a great relief from severe migraines and headaches.


Mix black seed oil with warm water. Gargle with this solution. Toothache will get alleviated quickly.

General Well being

The seeds can be consumed for general well being and for increasing body resistance and immunity power. Grind the seeds to fine powder. Mix them with honey about half an hour before breakfast and consume it.

Additional Uses

Spice in Cuisines

Black Cumin Seeds are used as seasoning spice in various cuisines in different parts of the world. They have a slight bitterly taste which makes it suitable for using it as substitute for pepper.

Energy Booster

As a first thing in the morning, mix black cumin seed oil in any juice and consume it. It gives great energy boost to the body.

Body Nutrient

The seeds have more than 100 chemical compounds. They can be taken as source of vitamin for the body.

Hair Growth

After bathing, you can mix a small quantity of black seed oil and olive oil and apply it in the hair or the bald portion of your head. This will promote hair growth.

Moth Repellant

Karunjeeragam oil is sprinkled in woolen garments to keep protected from moths.

As a Preservative in Egypt

It is believed that black cumin oil is used in Egypt as one of the ingredients for preserving the mummies.


  • Black cumin seeds should not be consumed in raw manner. They need to be heated and then consumed. When heating, you can try tasting them to see if they have become bland in taste.
  • Do not consume more than 25 grams of the seeds.
  • Exposure to undiluted black cumin seed oil might result in skin irritation. To avoid, the oil can be diluted with vinegar.
  • Pregnant people are advised not to use the oil. If the seeds are taken in large quantities, it induces abortion.

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