Health Benefits of Cumin Spice

About Cumin Spice

The spice is native to Middle East Asian region. It is being grown widely around the world for its cuisine properties. Cumin spices are available throughout the year in all supermarkets and in all herbal shops. To identify the quality of the cumin spices, squeeze them between the fingers. Good quality seeds release pleasant peppery flavor. The spices can be preserved in a cool place and need to consume quickly since it loses its original flavor quickly.

Nutrient Rich Food

Cumin spices contain a lot of nutrients like potassium, iron, magnesium, copper, calcium, etc. Other nutrients include Vitamins B, B-6, E, A and C. There are also various other anti-oxidants and essential oils.

Common and Botanical Names

The botanical name of cumin spice is Cuminum cyminum and belongs to the family Apiaceae. The Tamil name of Cumin seeds is Jeeragam or Seeragam and it means keeping the healthy. The common names include Jira, Sadajira, Jirautmi, Jiru, Safed jira, Dhalajeera, Zirah etc.

Primary Medicinal Uses

Constipation and other Stomach related problems

Cumin spice are a great remedy to cure constipation and other stomach related problems like gas, bloatedness, heaviness of stomach, etc. Cumin seeds contain excellent fibre content, antioxidants and other anti-flatulent properties, which serve as essential home remedy for treating stomach related problems.

Chew a few cumin seeds and swallow them. This is a great remedy to cure acute constipation.

To get relief from bloatedness due to gas, take equal quantity of powdered cumin spice and cardamom. You can take for about three times a day in order to get relief.

In order to get relief from irritable bowel syndrome, prepare pomegranate juice and mix half a spoon of powdered Jeera powder. Consume it. This helps to reduce the frequency of stools and promotes digestion.

Burning sensation in the stomach

If you are experiencing burning sensation in the stomach, cumin spice is a good medicine. The burning sensation could be due to consumption of gas items like potato, cauliflower, beans, cabbage, etc or it could be due to indigestion. In either case, you can grind the cumin seeds to form a paste which can be applied over the stomach. This will bring relief immediately.

Immunity Booster – Cumin Drink as a substitute for water

Cumin seed water is very common in Kerala. Even in all hotels, they serve only cumin seed water instead of ordinary water for consuming. Consuming this boosts the immune system of the body. Take about a teaspoon of cumin seeds and boil it in about 5 litres of water. Allow it to cool. This is consumed instead of normal water.

Common Cold

We are often infected by Common cold due to the weak immune system. Consuming cumin spice increases the immunity of the body and dries up the excess mucus. It drives cold away from the body very quickly. You can prepare cumin seed tea and add a piece of ginger to it.


Cumin spice cures the infections and wounds present in the digestive system. It speeds up the digestion process and reduces the chances of developing piles. Prepare butter milk and add a spoon of powdered Jeera powder and about half a spoon of ginger juice. This can be consumed frequently for quicker relief.

Excellent Body Coolant

Cumin seeds are excellent body coolant.


Cumin seeds provide vitality to the body when taken regularly. It also brings freshness to the body. Take cumin spice in powdered form along with palm candy for good results.


Cumin Seeds are rich in iron content and hence are good for people with anemia.

Sleep Inducer

Those who suffer from lack of sleep can consume cumin spice on a regular basis. The essential vitamins and the enhanced digestion produced by them make sure that you get good night’s sleep.

Mouth Freshener

Boil water and add powdered jeera in it. Cool the boiled water. Add a pinch of cardamom to it. Gargle your mouth with this water. This helps keep the mouth fresh and cures from mouth ulcers, foul smell, etc

Bleeding of gums

If you are suffering from bleeding of gums, grind the Jeera spice with rock salt. Appy it over the infected area. This prevents bleeding of gums and also strengthens them.

Intestinal worms

When taken regularly, the seeds get rid of the worms present in the intestines.

Nausea in Pregnant women

Pregnant women would experience nausea and vomiting in the morning or during any part of the day. To get relief, mix half a spoon of powdered cumin seeds in lemon juice and consume it.

Menstrual Bleeding

Those who suffer from excessive menstrual bleeding need to consume cumin seeds to get relief and to recover from the condition.


You can boil 100 grams of cumin seeds in about 2 litres of sesame oil. Once the cumin seeds start to break, you can take the oil and preserve it in bottle. Apply it regularly over the scalp. This is a great remedy for headache.

Scorpion Sting

If you are stung by a scorpion, take a mixture of powdered cumin seeds, honey, salt and butter and apply it over the infected area. It neutralizes the venom of the scorpion.

Respiratory disorders

Cumin seeds are good to be consume by those who sufer from respiratory problems like asthma, bronchitis, etc.

Lactating Mothers

Cumin seeds are rich in thymol, iron and calcium. Lactating mothers can mix powdered cumin seeds with honey and consume them.

Additional Medicinal Uses

Indian Cuisine

Cumin Seeds are widely used as part of Indian cuisine. They bring sweet aroma to the cooked food.

Skin disorders

The Vitamin E contained in the cumin seeds prevents skin infections and protects from fungal attacks. They have the property of keeping the skin young and glowing.


Cumin seeds are good medicine for removing boils, pimples, rashes, etc from the skin. They remove the unwanted waste and toxins from the body and keep the skin fresh and clean.


Smoke Jira seeds in ghee to get immediate relief from hiccups.

Sweet Voice for singers

Cumin seeds have the property of bringing sweet voice and hence suited for consumption for those who aspire to be singers.

The other benefits of using cumin seeds include enhanced memory, increased concentration, treating colon cancer, Reduces superficial inflammation, pain, reduces uterus inflammation, sexual stimulant, reduces cholesterol, reduces body weight, cures the swellings in the breasts and testicles, stress reliever, etc

How to Consume Cumin Seeds

The specialty of this herb is that the seeds can be taken in raw form or in powdered form. It is better to consume cumin seeds in the mornings on a daily basis.


  • If you are going to powder Jeera after roasting them, make sure that you roast the cumin seeds mildly in low flame so that the aroma contained in them do not get lost.
  • Some people are allergic to Jeera and causes allergy in them.

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