Health dangers of lipstick

Lipstick, the most loved beauty product by women is being used by women across all countries by almost all classes of people. It is often thought that lipstick does not pose any problem since it is used externally. Herewith, we explain the health problems that could arise due to potentially dangerous lipstick products that are very commonly available.

Harmful Ingredients found in a Lipstick

Many of the lipsticks contain high levels of ingredients like cadmium, chromium, lead, aluminum and other toxic constituents.

Lipstick Dangers

The harmful effects of the toxic ingredients are described below:


Used as a preservative in many beauty products. They have the potential to cause cancer. It is considered as a very high hazard constituent of the lipstick.


It is a constituent of the colorant that is being used in the manufacture of lipsticks. Lead in any quantity is unsafe for the human body. Lead caused damage to the nerves and brain. It also causes other problems like hormonal imbalance, infertility, miscarriage, delayed puberty, etc.


Petrochemicals that are used in manufacture of lipsticks are harmful to the human health.

Retinyl Palmitate

Causes problems related to reproductive organs. Toxic to pregnant women.


Causes skin and eye irritation for those who are allergic. It is considered as a moderate hazard contained in the lipstick.

Tocopheryl Acetate

Causes Itching, blisters, scales in the skin, etc.


Cause damage to the nerves and various other health problems.

How the dangerous ingredients are being harmful to our health?

Women perceive that lipsticks are used externally and hence do not pose health problems. What they do not realize is that the components of the lipstick get swallowed internally in tiny quantities on a daily manner whether it is by drinking water or having snacks or having food or by means of licking the lips.

You may ask that if I consume only very small quantities of such ingredients, how is it that they cause health problems. The problem is that some harmful ingredients like lead should not be consumed even in small quantities by anyone.

The manufacturers of lipsticks have the liberty to use any constituent and not show the same in the label of the product. Hence it is difficult to understand what harmful constituents are contained in the lipsticks.

Health dangers associated with use of harmful Lipsticks

Some of the problems that people have experienced due to the use of lipsticks include cancer, damage to the nerves, gastrointestinal disorders, stomach ulcers, damage to brain,

Are Natural Lipstick products available?

There are many products flooded in the market that claim to be natural. A careful analysis reveals that some of the ingredients are extracted from living organisms like insects, sheep, etc. This proves that there is no vegan or natural lipsticks available in the market.

What should we do?

Most of the women do not understand that lips are by nature very beautiful. They do not need an external agent to make them show s beautiful. Since, almost all women will disagree to this, it is important that regulated use of lipsticks are very important. Get rid of habits like re-applying lipsticks very often in a day. Occasional use of lipsticks will have reduced adverse effect on the body.

Do not buy unbranded or roadside lipsticks just because they are low in cost. They have a very hazardous effect on our health.

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