Herbal Remedies for Premature Greying of Hair

In our previous article, we have seen the reasons and some simple home remedies for the premature greying of hair. Here we will see some herbal remedies for premature greying of hair. Nature has given us some good herbal medicines which we can make use of for preventing greying of hair.

It is essential that you take proper care of your hair by not using products that have high chemical contents, proper diet, relief from stress, etc. Even after following all of these, if there are no noticeable benefits, here are some effective herbals available to prevent greying of hair.

Curry Leaves

One of the vital reasons for premature greying of hair is iron deficiency. Curry leaves are rich in Iron and are a natural medicine to stop premature greying of hair.

Curry Leaves as part of diet

Include a lot of curry leaves in your diet. You can also make chutney of curry leaves frequently and consume along with food.

Curry leaf Milk or Buttermilk

You can mix buttermilk or milk with curry leaves and consume the same.

Curry Leaf Oil for the Hair

You can also prepare curry leaf strained coconut oil for applying on your hair. Take some curry leaves and crush them so that it becomes a paste. Dry it in the sun so that it becomes a bit hard. Take some coconut oil and boil it with the dried curry paste. Leave it for a few hours or a few days. Apply this oil regularly on a daily basis. You may apply it and leave it for half an hour before bathing.


Onion is a good medicine nature has given us for protecting our hair. Cut the onions and apply them over the scalp such that the juice within the onion gets spread over the scalp. This is very effective since the catalase enzyme contained in onion has the power to even reverse the greying of hair. This has been a practice followed even by anciant times.

Ribbed Gourd

Cut ribbed gourd to small pieces. Soak them in coconut oil and boil it gradually till the oil becomes black in colour. Use the oil to massage the scalp. This is a good remedy to stop premature greying of hair

Indian Gooseberry

Indian gooseberry is a good herbal remedy for premature greying of hair. Cut the fruit into small pieces and dry them. Boil them in coconut oil. Apply this oil on the hair.

Alternatively, you can extract the juice from the Indian gooseberry and mix them with a teaspoon of Almond oil and a few drops of lemon juice. Apply this mixture directly over the hair and retain it for a few hours. This is a great remedy that works very effectively.

Amla Juice

Take amla juice internally. This increases the nourishment required for the hair.

Amaranthus Greens

Amaranthus greens (Botanical Name: Amaranthus gangeticus; Tamil Name: Mulai Keerai) is a good herbal remedy for premature greying of hair. You can extract the juice from the leaves of the vegetable and apply it over the hair. This helps in retaining the black hair colour and also increases the growth of hair.

Almond Oil and Lemon Juice

Take about 2 teaspoons of almond oil, one teaspoon of lemon juice and mix both of them. Apply this over the scalp and leave it for sometime before washing the scalp.

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