Home Remedies for Common Cold

Common Cold is a very common infection and none of us would have escaped it. Most of us believe that it is easy to cure common cold. Actually speaking, there is no correct remedy that has been found for common cold. Once infected, it is bound to be there for a week. Even if you take no medicines, it will disappear in a week’s time. However, it is better to take some home remedies for common cold so that we feel better and get some relief.

Herewith, I present some very common and effective home remedies for common cold that can make us feel better.

Basic Principles to be Followed

Drink plenty of fluids

To improve body resistance, we need to drink plenty of hot liquids like warm water, ginger tea, coffee, chicken / mutton soup, etc. It is better to add some tulsi leaves or ginger while preparing tea.

Blow your nose regularly

You need to blow your nose regularly such that all the liquids get flushed out. Do this as often as possible. The main thing is that you should try to inhale the liquid and keep in within. The best way to blow is to close one half of the nose and blow through the other one.

Rest Sufficiently

It is necessary to take sufficient rest when infected with cold. It is advised not to do any work or go to office or sit in AC room. We are not supposed to see TV or computer when infected with cold. This will not only affect our body but also reduce our resistance power. Sleep for as long as possible.

Do not bathe

Once infected with cold, we are not supposed to bathe through head and especially in cold or normal water. If you have only mild cold, you may prefer to bathe in warm water and that too without wetting your head / hair.

Restrain from cold items

All cold fluids must be avoided – like juices, cold water, ice cream  anything directly from the refrigerator, etc. Also, avoid having curd and butter milk.

Eat Well

You should eat well when infected with cold. If possible have all possible spicy items and non-vegetarian food.

Effective Home Remedies

Gargle with salt water

Take about half a cup of water and warm it. Put about two teaspoons full of rock salt (it’s the raw sea salt and not the powder or iodised salt). Mix well. Open your mouth and pour some water and gargle with this water for 5 minutes. It is better to do for 4 times a day. It destroys all the bacteria and infections present in the throat. You may also prefer to add turmeric to the warm water for gargling.

Steam Inhaling

Boil a vessel full of water (approximately 1 liter  to the boiling point. Put some eucalyptus or Vicks vaporub in it. Sit in front of the vessel. Take a bed-sheet and cover such that you and the vessel get covered. Inhale the steam and exhale for sometime till you can sustain. You can experience severe sweating and a great relief. Do this for two times a day.


Chicken and mutton soups are nice remedies for fighting cold. It increases body resistance and helps to cure cold in a fast manner. It is better to have atleast one soup daily.

Medicated milk

Boil milk and add half a spoon of turmeric powder and ginger to it. Instead of sugar, add honey. Have it especially before going to bed. Ajwain (Omam in Tamil) can also be added to the milk.

Peppered Products

You may add more pepper in most of the food items like warm milk, egg, soup, etc and have it. Pepper is really very good in fighting cold.

Other Remedies

You may consume Dabur’s Chavanprash on a regular basis, since it increases body resistance.

I have seen many articles like ‘Magic’ or secrets to relieve from cold. But there is really no such thing. We need to follow some basics to get relief and of course, there is no guarantee that you will get rid of the cold immediately.

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