How to Grow Aloe Vera at Home

  • Growing Aloe Vera at home is very easy and does not require any maintenance effort
  • Aloe Vera consist of 95% water.
  • You can either buy Aloe Vera seeds or buy an already-grown plant
  • Have the plant grow in a well-drained sandy soil.
  • They are known to grow well in hot climate conditions. So, if you are living in a cold region, try growing them inside a pot within the home. They are excessively sensitive to frost. You can place it near window so that the plant gets the necessary light and warmth.
  • If you are using pot for growing the plant, ensure that there is drainage hole at the bottom of the pot. Or provide a 1-2 inch layer of gravel in the bottom of the pot to ensure adequate drainage.
  • The roots of the plant are shallow and spread in a wide manner. So, plant them in wide pots or open areas.
  • During summer, you can place them outside the house in shade. Do not place it in direct sunlight
  • Since the plant does not need much water, you can water them twice every two weeks. Water them moderately. If you water them excessively, the plant may die.

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