Indian spikenard or Cadamancil – Beauty Enhancer

About Indian spikenard or Cadamancil

The herb is widely found in India, China, and Nepal and in the Himalayas. The roots and rhizome have been used in making medicines. The roots look like uncombed hair and have a combination of sweet, bitter and astringent taste.

The herb has the reputation of being used since ancient times by Roman rich women in cosmetics.

Common and Botanical Names

The botanical name of the herb is Nardostachys jatamansi and belongs to Valerianaceae family. The Tamil name of Indian spikenard isBoothakesini or Cadilai or cadaamanji. Commonly it is called as Nardus root, sulomasa, Cadamancil, Balchara, Bhutjata, Nard, Muskroot, Tapaswini, etc.

Primary Medicinal Uses

Nerve Systems

Indian spikenard has a very curing effect on the human nerve system. Consuming the herb brings calmness and peace of mind. It cures all mental diseases including negative emotions. It enhances the human memory and improves human brain functioning. The herb has the ability to cure restlessness, nervousness, stress, anxiety, hypertension, etc

Beauty Products

Cadamancil is used in making of cosmetics and beauty products since ancient times. The herb has the ability to make the skin silky, smooth and improves the texture.

Blood Pressure

Those having high blood pressure can consume decoction of the roots of the herb, Indian spikenard.


Those suffering from severe headaches due to hypertension or migraine can take the herb twice a day for 2 weeks. The oil of the herb can be used to massage the head.

Skin problems

The powder of the herb can be made into a paste and applied over the skin. It reduces inflammation of the skin. The herb has the ability to improve skin texture.

Sexual Problems

The herb cures sex related problems like impotence.

Additional Medicinal Uses

Spikenard Oil

The oil obtained from the root of the herb, called as Nard oil is used in making of perfumes, incense, etc. It is an important component used in the manufacture of cosmetics. It is also used in manufacture of deodorants.

Hair Problems

The herb can be applied over the hair. It makes your hair silky and smooth.


The herb is an important component of the drug `Ayush-56′.


  • The herb is safe to consume and does not have any known side-effects.
  • However, overdose of the herb needs to be avoided, since it causes vomiting and nausea.
  • Pregnant women need to consult a doctor before consuming the herb.

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