Malai Vembu or Melia Dubia – The Dengue Specialist

About Malai Vembu

The herb belongs to neem family. It grows naturally in forests and hill stations, hence called as malai vembu. The tree grows in various parts of India. It is more popular in Tamil Nadu. The tree is used as a source of firewood and its leaves, roots and barks have great medicinal properties.

The tree grows very fast and has been grown on either side of the national highways throughout India.

Common and Botanical Names

The tamil name of the herb is Malai Vembu. The botanical name is Melia Dubia and belongs to Meliaceae family. The tree grows widely in India, Australia, and South East Asia. Other names include Maha neem, Forest neem, etc.

Primary Medicinal Uses

Cures Dengue

The combined juice of papaya leaf, malai vembu or hill neem and common neem has been given to dengue patients for getting rid of the disease. Recently, when dengue has been spreading in Tamil Nadu, the government made it an official medicine to get treated by this herb. The decoction needs to be taken twice a day for a week to get cured.

Tooth problems

Traditionally, neem stems have been used to brush teeth. It keeps the teeth and gums strong, removes bad mouth odour and cures all mouth related infections.

Stomach Worms

To get rid of worms from the stomach, eat tender neem leaves early in the morning in empty stomach and at night.


The malai vembu juice is consumed by diabetic patients. It has the potential to reduce sugar levels in the body.

Mosquito Repellent

In many parts of the country, the neem oil is used as mosquito repellent. Some people burn the leaves whose smoke drives away and kills mosquitos.

Skin Diseases

Neem is a very good medicine that can be used for treating skin related diseases like skin infections, allergies, etc

Chicken Pox

Malai Vembu is used for treating chicken pox.

Additional Medicinal Uses

Body heat

The juice of the barks and roots is consumed for reducing body heat. It can also cure fever.


Powdered neem leaves can be used to remove dandruff and lice.

Neem Oil

Melia Dubia is used in making Neem oil from its seeds.

Herbal Products

The leaves are used to manufacture herbal soaps, shampoo, creams, balms, etc

Other Uses

  • The leaves of the tree are used in making plywood.
  • The wood of the tree is used in making of furniture. It is also usd in making cases for packaging, pencils, match boxes, kattamarams, etc.
  • Many agriculturists cultivate it for their livelihood by selling its leaves, wood, seeds, etc

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