Medicinal Benefits of Clitoria ternatea

About Clitoria ternatea

Clitoria ternatea is a very good medicinal herb found throughout India. The shrub is often grown in various gardens and is often found growing in hedges. The plants are native to America and Asia. The flowers are blue in colour with yellow markings. The fruits are edible when young. Some of the varieties have white flowers and are medicinally very effective than the yellow flowers.

Common and Botanical names

The botanical name of the herb is Clitoria ternatea and belongs to the family Fabaceae or PAPILIONACEAE. The Tamil name of the herb is Sangupushpam. The common names of the herb include Butterfly Bean, Clitoria, Aparajita, Butterfly Pea, Conch flower, Gokarni, Girikarnika, Koyal, Dintena, etc.

Commonly available Clitorea Ternatea

Primary Medicinal Uses

Female Sexual Disorders

The flower of Clitoria ternatea has been named as ‘Clitoria’ since it resembles the structure of the female reproductive organ. The herb has been found to be effective in treating female sexual disorders like infertility, correct menstrual disorders, etc. Also, the flowers serve as a sexual enhancer or aphrodisiac.

Cough, Cold and Asthma

The roots of Clitoria ternatea have great medicinal value. They can be powdered and consumed. They cure whooping cough in an instant manner. The herb also cures cold and asthma present in people. The plant can be used to smoke to cure throat related infections. A decoction can be prepared and used to gargle to cure core throats.

Stress Reliever

The roots of Clitoria ternatea are used to treat mental disorders. They also relieve the stress and hence are sold as antidepressants.

Brain Power

The roots of Clitoria ternatea have the ability to improve memory and make you an intellectual. They are also used to cure brain related illnesses.

Nerve System

Clitoria ternatea has a very positive effect on the human nerve system. It strengthens the nerves present in the body and increases the functioning of the brain.

Anxiety and Depression

Clitoria ternatea is very effective in treating anxiety and depression related problems.

Antidote to poisonous bites

The extract from the roots of the herb serve as an antidote in treating poisonous bites of insects or of cobra snakes.

Small Pox

The herb is very effective in curing small pox, which is a very deadly disease.


The herb has a very good medicinal value in treating the male infertility. It increases the sperm mobility and makes you reproductive.


The herb is effective in curing fever. The herb acts as a body coolant and alleviates fever, vomiting, etc.


The herb is very effective in treating piles. It cures the swelling, pain and the bleeding nature of the piles. A paste of the whole plant can be applied over the infected area.


A decoction of the plants is very effective in cleaning the wounds. It also prevents the formation of pus in the affected area.

Digestive Health

The herb is very effective in curing constipation. It also serves as a mild laxative and cures the ulcers.

Rare form of Clitorea Ternatea

Additional Uses

Circulatory System

The herb has the property to regulate the circulatory system. It purifies the blood in the body and gives a new energy to the body.

Body Strength

The herb has the property to increase the strength of the body.

Ornamental Plant

Clitoria ternatea is often grown as an ornamental plant. They require little care for cultivation. The plants have the property to improve the soil quality.

As a Food

In some countries like Burma, the flowers are fried and used as food.

Decorative for Food

In some countries, the flowers of the herb are used to colour the food.

Dyeing Agent

The flowers are widely used for dyeing rice and cloth.

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