Medicinal Uses of Ironweed or Wild Cumin

About Ironweed

Ironweed is found growing throughout India and in the Himalayan region. Ironweed is often found growing as a weed in waste areas in the villages and in the hill areas. The seeds of Ironweed are of great medicinal value and have been used since ancient times. The roots are bitter in nature and have high medicinal uses.

Common and Botanical Names of Wild Cumin

The Botanical name o f Ironweed is Vernonia anthelmintica or Conyza anthelmintica and belongs to the family Asteraceae or Sunflower family. The Tamil name is Kaatu Jeeragam meaning Wild Cumin or Ironweed. Common names of Ironweed include Somaraaj, Purple fleabane, Worm seed fleabane, Karajiri, Somaraji, Garetikamma, Sahadevi, Purple fleebane, etc.

Primary Medicinal Uses

Skin Diseases

Ironweed is very effective in curing skin diseases like leucoderma or white Leprosy. They are also very effective in curing other skin diseases like Psoriasis, Lepra, etc.

Female Related Problems

Ironweed is very effective in correcting uterine irregularities. If there is excess discharge, Ironweed regulates it. Wild Cumin is also a favorable medicine and promotes conception. Ironweed is very effective in regulating menses. It is a blood tonic and provides necessary strength to the body. It also reduces the childbirth pain.


A decoction is prepared from Ironweed and is very effective in curing fever.

Sore Throat

The leaves of Ironweed are very effective in treating sore throat.


Wild Cumin seeds promotes digestion. You may prefer to consume a decoction of Wild Jeera whenever required.


Ironweed stimulates appetite. If you feel heaviness in the stomach, consume a decoction of Wild Cumin and you can feel an increase of appetite.


Ironweed is very effective in killing Round worms.


The roots of Ironweed have great antimicrobial medicinal value and is used for treating toothache. It is also used for treating Gingivitis.

Additional Uses

Garden grass

Ironweed is an excellent garden grass. The stems and roots are thick and grows throughout the year.  It has the capability to withstand extreme temperature from very high temperature to even frost conditions. The grass is very pleasant and can be grown as a lawn grass. It needs to be trimmed regularly.

Leafy Vegetables

The leaves of Kaatu Jeera are consumed as leafy vegetables in many countries especially in African countries.

Eye Infection

If you are infected in the eyes and have reddish colour, apply a drop of Ironweed decoction. The inflammation gets cured.


Ironweed has high oil content and is used in manufacture of various paints, coatings and as reagent in many chemical manufacturing.

How to prepare decoction from Ironweed

The seeds are crushed well and eight parts of water are added to it. It is boiled so that the contents get reduced to 1/4th. Decoction is now ready for consumption.


It is advised not to grow this weed in the home gardens. It grows enormously and is very difficult to get it eradicated. Also, it takes over the entire garden and prevents other plants from growing.

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