Natural remedies for acid reflux in babies

New born babies do not have the fully developed digestive system as do adults like us have. Everyone of us know how babies puke or spit up at least till they are 6 months old. While this is natural, it is also possible that babies are suffering from Acid reflux OR GERD OR Gastro esophageal Reflux. Let us see how it is caused and what are the natural and home remedies. While its natural for a baby to spit up after it is fed, sometimes, the conditions may be severe and may be a cause for concern. Many children experience such acid reflux problems from 1 month to about 6 months. It is enough that you treat with natural or home remedies rather than seeking a doctor’s help.

Myth about Acid Reflux in Babies

If your baby is suffering from acid reflux, it is not necessary that it always pukes or spits after food. There are babies which suffer from acid reflux and do not shown any such symptoms but keep on crying. What happens is that the acid in the stomach keeps coming up to the esophagus causing burning sensation in the food path. While observing from outside by us, there will be no such symptoms. Due to the burning sensation, the bay starts crying endlessly.

Natural Remedies for curing Acid Reflux in Babies

Keep the Baby Upright after feeding

It is highly suggested to keep the baby in upright position immediately after feeding. It is better to carry the baby in your hands and keep them upright rather than allowing to lie down immediately after feeding. It is also not advisable to make your baby play or get excited immediately after feeding. Some parents ties their babies onto their stomach in a sling or pouch, which is also good.

It is also natural that mothers put their babies over the shoulder immediately after feeding and tapping on its back. This is not advisable. When you put your baby over your shoulder, unknowingly you apply more pressure on your baby’s stomach which prevents its digestive capacity.

What your Baby Feeds

The best food for a baby is always mother’s milk. Mother’s milk is also a good curative for acid reflux problem in babies. The food which is good for the babies health and the digestive system, which is easier to get digested is always Mothers Milk. Till at least the baby is 6 months old, there is no need to think of any other food other than the mother’s milk.

In some cultures and in some countries, parents do put in a drop of sugar water or honey into the baby’s mouth as soon as a baby is born. But this is not advisable and the only food on a baby as soon as its born is mother’s milk there is no good food other than that.

It is advisable to give small feedings and frequent feedings rather than giving more milk in a single feeding. Overfeeding is often a culprit in causing acid reflux in children.

How your baby Sleeps

It is advisable that you slightly lift your baby’s head when it sleeps. It is good to make a baby sleep on its back with its head slightly upright. Do not allow your child to sleep with its stomach in the down position. Rather than sleeping straight, It is better if the baby’s head is slightly up. Also make sure that the clothing that put for your baby is loose and do not give undue pressure on the baby.

Mothers Food

Sufficient care needs to be taken in what food a mother consumes since the milk that is fed largely depends on it. It is better to avoid spicy and acid foods for the period you are feeding your baby. You might also avoid soya beans and foods like that which are difficult to digest. While there is no hard formula, it is better to find based on trial and error basis.

ColicCalm – A homeopathic Medicine

If none of the basic remedies like the ones mentioned above do not work, it is better try some mild medications which are good for children. Colic Calm is a very good and safe medicine for treating babies suffering from acid reflux.

You might have observed I have not given much of any herbal medicines or other homemade medicines for babies. It is always better to follow simple and known tips to cure rather than giving medicines of any kind to new born babies. Babies digestive system is very delicate and there is no better medicine than mother’s milk.

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