Natural remedies for Allergies

Facts about Allergies

When our body reacts in an unfamiliar manner to common substances, we are said to face allergic problems. Many of us face such problems in our day to day life. When faced with allergies, it causes many problems and interferes with our daily lives.

Allergies are caused due to a lot of reasons, though the exact cause is still unknown:


Many people face allergic problems purely based on heredity.


Some people face allergies due to unclean environment. For example, if you are having pets in your house, the invisible particles released by them cause allergies. That’s the reason why people advise not to have pets in home especially when new born is there, since they are very allergic to it.


Some people are allergic to some types of food. They experience rashes or itching in the skin and tongue.


Most of us are allergic to many of the chemicals. They could be present in our work place or even the acid being at home causes allergies. Even the paints and varnishes used cause severe headache.

Let us see some of the basic things that we need to follow to get rid of allergies.

Basic Necessities

Keeping Environment Clean

This is a very important and a practically difficult one. You need to make sure that the house and place your reside are free from dust and dirt. This is easy to say than being done. You also need to make sure that the dresses, bed sheets and other clothes do not have dirt in them. It also includes the sofas and beds.

Whenever you are headed to cleaning the house, make sure that you wear a mask or cover your nostrils with handkerchief.

Nostril Hairs

Have you ever wondered why hair grows inside the nostrils? It is the natural protection that God has given us to protect ourselves against allergic constituents present in air. The hair helps as a filter in purifying the air before it is passed to the lungs.

We make a severe mistake of trimming or cutting down the hair present in the nostrils. While it is ok to trim the excess hair that comes out of the nose, make sure that you do not remove the hair present in the nostrils.

Pet Animals

If you have pet animals at home, make sure that you do not inhale the particles that come out of them when they play with you. Also make sure that you wash your hands after you touch your pets.

Following are some natural remedies that can be used to treat allergies.

Natural Remedies


Have a food that has moderate fat and rich in carbohydrates. Drink a lot of water. Include a lot of green leafy vegetables, and avoid taking caffeine, alcohol and citrus fruits.


Exercise helps build body’s resistance to allergies. It is better to spend about 30 minutes a day for exercise.

Nasal Irrigation

This is a natural remedy that is being taught in yoga. This cannot be said easily. It is better to attend a practical training than reading a literature and practicing. Salt water is prepared and used to flush the nasal passages in such training.


Include a lot of turmeric in cooking food. Turmeric is a good remedy that helps relieve allergy symptoms like cold.


Pepper is a very good spice that is effective in treating allergies. It not only increases the body resistance, but also clears the nasal passages.


Honey acts as a natural remedy for curing allergies. You can consume one spoon of honey on a daily basis. Honey is also a good natural medicine and is beneficial for the body.

Eucalyptus oil

You can add a few drops of Eucalyptus oil in a bowl of water and heat it. Inhale the steam from it. This is a very effective natural remedy for curing allergies related to nasal passages. You may also inhale the smell of the oil directly.


Before taking any of the above mentioned remedies, consult a doctor especially if you are pregnant or have other medical conditions. If after taking any medicine, you find that the symptom gets aggravated, stop consuming the medicine immediately.

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