How to naturally Beat Asthma

Asthma has been a widespread disease and problem across the world including adults and small children. It has been a major reason for causing chronic illnesses in children.

Understanding Asthma

Asthma is caused when the tubes that carry air from nose to the lungs (bronchi and bronchioles) gets in contact with foreign particles. These particles are said to be trigger for causing Asthma. The Asthma caused by this manner is called Allergic Asthma.

Reasons for getting Asthma

Following are some of the reasons for getting Asthma:

  • One of the major reasons for getting Asthma is inheritance.
  • Allergies are a major reason for causing Allergic Asthma. They include dust mites, pet dander, mold, etc.
  • The triggers for non-Allergic Asthma include cold or dry weather, smoke, high stress, intense emotions, strong perfume, etc.

Symptoms of Asthma

Though Asthma can be classified as allergic or non-allergic, the symptoms are mostly similar. They include:

  • Wheezing
  • Dry cough
  • Increased heart rate
  • Tightening of the chest

Is there a cure for Asthma?

As we all know, there has been no cure that has been found for Asthma. Once contracted, it is necessary that we take necessary steps so that Asthma can be kept in check.

Lifestyle changes to prevent Asthma and to Keep Asthma in check

Recognizing the Allergens

Since Asthma is caused by allergies, it is imperative that we recognize the triggers that cause Asthma. It is necessary that you keep the environment clean and free of dust. Remember to keep the windows and doors closed so that dust particles do not get in easily.

Quit Smoking

Smoking is a killer for those having Asthma. It is imperative that those with Asthma need to quit smoking.

Get rid of Pets

It is unavoidable that you keep away from pets. Even if you are a pet lover, you may have to get rid of it for your health sake. The dead and dry skins that fake off from the pets, called as dander, are the most dangerous triggers for causing Asthma. They have the power of making your Asthma worse and leave you gasping for breath.

If you are too much fond of pets that you cannot get rid of them, follow the below procedures:

  • Never allow your pet to be in your bedroom.
  • Do not take it for a ride in your car
  • If you have direct contact with the pet, wash your hands immediately.
  • Do not kiss your pet
  • Keep your pet clean by washing it regularly

Keep your home and environment clean

It is essential that you keep your home clean. Following are some of the important steps to be followed:

  • Cover your mattress with a washable cover and wash the cover regularly.
  • Wash your bed sheets regularly in hot water and using washing soda.
  • Do not use carpets in your home. Carpets are difficult to clean and are a place for deposits of dust.
  • While cleaning your home, adopt ways that make sure that dust particles do not get distributes in the air. Use vacuum cleaners and dampened clothes so that dust gets removed without getting into the lungs.
  • Always wear a mask whenever you engage in any cleaning activities
  • As much as possible, keep the windows and doors closed.
  • If you have garden in your home, caution needs to be exercised whenever you are engaged with your garden like mowing of grass, cleaning, etc. The pollens from the plants are great stimulators of Asthma.

Avoid Cold weather

Cold weather is a great stimulant of Asthma. Make sure that you do not get exposed directly to cold air or weather. Make sure that you remain indoor when there is cold weather outside.

Allergic Foods

It has not been determined that foods can act as a trigger for Asthma. However, some people are allergic to some types of food. It is better to examine and understand what are the foods that we are allergic to. Some of the foods that cause allergies to Asthma people include nuts, milk, eggs, chocolate, etc. Those who are allergic to such foodstuffs get the symptoms of Asthma within an hour of consuming it. It is better to avoid such foods.

Keep away from chemicals

It is absolutely essential that you do not live in an environment which the chemical levels are high. Even if you are white washing your home or using varnish for your furniture, make sure that you do not inhale the chemicals.

Drink plenty of fluids

It is important that you consume more of fluids. Keep yourself healthy and always keep away from people who have flu.

Reduce Salt Intake

Make sure that you do not consume more of salt. Salts make the respiratory tracts more sensitive to external triggers and induces Asthma.

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