New Year Resolution for a Healthy and Youthful Life

On behalf of ANHR, we wish you all a Very Happy Prosperous and Healthy New Year 2013. On this New Year, let us all take small, simple and effective resolutions which will help us to live a healthy and long life. I have often seen people (friends, colleagues and including myself), taking resolutions like, “From today on wards  I will make it a regular habit for going to gym”. Some people go to gym and enroll themselves for one year. But the sad part is that they go to gym for a week or two, at the max. After that laziness grips us, and we never care to go.

Here i want to list few very effective and simple things that every one of us can practice. They do not need much time, but require a lot of will power and consistent effort.

1. Good Habits are always good and have a good effect on our health. Practice to get up early in the morning (latest by 6 am). Getting up early has a good effect on our health.

2. Drink a lot of water daily. It is said that everyone should consume an average of 2.5 litres of water daily. I would say that its really difficult to measure the quantity of water we drink daily. What we can do is to to take a bottle (say 1 litre) full of water daily morning and keep it in front of us (those of us who work, can keep in front of us, those at home can keep it in the dining table, etc). We may not be able to drink 2 bottles of water daily starting from day one. Initially, we can try to drink one bottle of water and later on, with practice, we can consume 2 bottles daily.

Always, make it a point to drink warm or normal water. Avoid having cold water at all circumstances.

3. Breathe deeply. If you have observed how you breathe, you would have noticed that we breathe shallowly. Meaning, we have short and fast breaths. It is necessary that we breathe deeply and slowly. This too may not be achieved in a single day. We should try to practice this type of breathing on a daily basis. Even though this seems to be a very small thing, this makes our body very active and removes all wastes from our body. People who breathe deeply have a long life.

4. Avoid Sedentary lifestyle. Most of us are leading a very sedentary lifestyle. Most of the times, its a necessity that we lead a sedentary life. We need to make ourselves a bit more active. How do we do it? There are so many things like – washing your own clothes, washing your car or two wheeler, jogging daily, ironing your own clothes, gardening if you have sufficient place, playing with your kids, etc. All of these are simple activities which we don t do by ourselves and depend on others. Adopting such activities in our life leads to a healthy life, relieves us of stress and helps in our mind to be very calm.

5. Avoid seeing television and computers for long periods. Every one of us cannot live without a television or a computer. It is necessary that we spend limited time (maximum of half an hour for each) in front of these screens. They have a very bad effect on our eyes and deteriorates our health.

6. Exercise daily. Every one of us should exercise daily. It should be considered as one of the daily activities like brushing our teeth. We should aim to spend an average of 30 minutes daily for the healthy maintenance of our body. There are various types of physical activities like going to gym, yoga, jogging, aerobics, etc. Each ones preference may be different. Its necessary that we select some physical activity of our interest and do it daily. We may start doing it for 10 minutes daily. Eventually, we can increase to 30 minutes of dedicated exercise.

7. Avoid overeating. To maintain healthy life, it is necessary that we eat correct quantity of food. It is said that we should eat only half of the stomachs capacity and we should not fill it.

8. Minimize intake of junk, oily food and sweets. Consuming junk and fried items cannot be avoided in our life. It is necessary that we consciously take such food with minimum quantity and rarely.

9. Avoid unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking. Such habits deteriorate our health and leads to a lot of diseases. We should always try to eradicate such habits from our lives

10. Maintain an emotionally healthy relation with friends and family. It is necessary that we treat our friends and family with love and affection. We should try to spend sometime daily for them and share all our feelings. This will help us lead an emotionally healthy life.

I would have listed several points as resolutions. You would have observed that all of them are simple methods that do not require you to spend any money. All you need to have is a strong willpower to follow and dedicating some time for each of the activities.

While some of you may feel that it may not be possible to follow all of the things listed, select a few of the items that you are comfortable and start following it. It is always not possible to lead a perfect life and achieve all things in a single day. We should try to improve our life on a daily basis and try to adopt at least a few additional things on an ongoing manner.

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