Are you Obese: You are at higher risk of getting affected by hearing loss

Obesity has always been associated with so many problems. It has been found recently that if you are obese, the chances that you lose your hearing, is high. Let us see the details below

Myth about hearing Loss

We believe that loss of hearing or hearing impairment is only due to the aging process and that it is unavoidable. It has been established that risk factors like obesity hasten the loss of hearing. Maintaining a good health and controlling obesity often postpones the loss of hearing.

How Obesity increases your chances of hearing loss

Though it has been established that obesity increases the risk of hearing loss, the reasons are not yet established. One reason could be due to the inflammation triggered by obesity which reduces the ability of hearing. Following are the major risks contributing to hearing loss:

  • Higher body mass index (BMI)
  • Larger waist circumference

Risk of higher BMI

A higher BMI has always been a risk for creating hearing loss. Depending on the BMI you have, following are the risks associated with hearing loss:

  • BMI of 30 to 34 – 17 percent higher risk of hearing loss
  • >BMI 40 – 25 percent risk
  • A BMI of 15 or lesser have no risk of losing the hearing ability.

Risk of higher waist circumference

Similar to higher BMI, having a high waist circumference is also associated with higher risk of hearing loss as illustrated below:

  • Waist circumference of 80 to 88 cm–11 per cent higher risk of hearing loss
  • >88 cm -27 per cent higher risk
  • A waist circumference of 71 cm or lesser is considered healthy and have no risk of hearing loss.

How to lower the risk of hearing loss

While it is important that you maintain right BMI for a healthy life, it is also equally important that you do regular exercise at least for 20 minutes daily. If you are used to doing more of physical exercise, your risk of hearing loss is gets reduced by about 17 per cent.

Follow some of the simple activities as below:

  • Do some physical activity daily, for about 20 minutes
  • If it is difficult to exercise regularly, try at least going for a walk regularly. Walking for about 2 hours per week reduces your risk of hearing loss by about 15 per cent.
  • If you are overweight, take necessary steps to make sure that your weight becomes normal.

Following the above simple activities makes sure that your risk of hearing loss is reduced. Also, loss which is caused due to unavoidable factors like aging gets postponed.

Obese Teens at higher risk

More than adults, teenagers who are obese are facing higher risk of hearing loss. When compared to normal teenagers, such obese teens have double the risk of facing hearing loss and that too one-sided hearing loss.

Are you sure that you do not have hearing difficulty

It has been found that people who have hearing loss are really not aware of the problem. They think that their hearing is perfectly normal. Hence it is necessary that you appear for regular screening test, to make sure that your hearing ability is normal.

Other factors that contribute to hearing loss

Apart from obesity, problems like high cholesterol, diabetes, heart diseases, constant exposure to a loud environment, etc have high influence on hampering your hearing ability.

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