OKF Aloe Vera Drink

About OKF

OKF Corp is a company specialized in preparing natural herbal products and exporting food products to various countries across the world. It was initially established in 1990 in Korea. OKF is specialized in cultivating and preparing organic and natural products.

OKF Aloe Vera Drink

OKF produces Aloe Vera Juice using the finest species of the plants available. The specialty of the drink is that it does not use sugar for preparing it. Instead it uses honey. Also, the drink is very tasty and very mild. The company has the privilege of being world’s leading manufacturer of Aloe Vera drink. The drink contains plenty of pulp and is rich in Vitamins E and C and calcium.

Where to buy OKF Aloe Vera Drink

Korea Foods first introduced Aloe drink to U.K in 2006. It is widely available in Walmart of USA, Metro of Germany and other leading retail chains. It can also be ordered online at Amazon.com or directly from the company website – http://okfcorp.en.ecplaza.net/

Korea foods sells Aloe Vera drink in various flavors like pineapple, apple, strawberry, guava, mango, lemon, banana, grape, peach, etc. It is also available in different volumes – 1.5 Liters, 500 ml and 180 ml.

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