Potato Juice as a Home Remedy for Stomach Ulcers

Many of us suffer from stomach related ailments. Often it results in constipation and becomes painful. It has been found that potato juice is a good home remedy for curing not only stomach ulcers, but also other stomach related ailments. The details are provided below:

How does Potato Juice help cure Stomach Ulcer?

It has been a common opinion that potatoes are not good for health and especially for the digestive system. With this uncderstanding, it is quite surprising to find that the potato juice is a great curative for all stomach related ailments.

It has been found that potatoes contain a unique antibacterial molecule which has great potential in treating stomach ulcers. It has also been found that the stomach bacteria do not have the capability to develop resistance to the potato juice.

A special type of molecule that is found in the potato cures the bacteria that is responsible for the ulcer in the stomach. The molecule also has the potential to prevent the bacteria from attacking the stomach as a preventive measure.

Which potato types are the best?

There are several potato types available in the market. Though all varieties have the capability to cure ulcer, the Maris Piper and King Edward type potatoes are found as the best types that are suitable for curing the stomach ulcer.

What are the problems that potato juice cure

Potato juice cures the following stomach related ailments:

  • Peptic Ulcer
  • Heartburn
  • Constipation

In addition to the above, potato juice also cures the following ailments:

  • Gout
  • Rheumatism

How to Consume Potato Juice

Potato juice has a lot of curative effects on the digestive system. Once you get up in the morning, prepare a cup of potato juice and consume it in empty stomach. You can take a quarter tumbler of the concentrate and dilute with water so that it becomes a cup full. This is an excellent home remedy and is found to cure almost all stomach related ailments.

Potato juice does not have a pleasing taste and is difficult to drink. It you are not comfortable drinking raw potato juice, you can combine with lemon or carrot juice and mix a couple spoons of honey.

You may also prefer to combine with other medicinal herbs like garlic, Sage, etc.

Additional remedies using Potato Juice

In addition to using potato juice for stomach related ailment, following are the additional remedies:

  • Potato juice made from the peels of the potato has been used as a home remedy for treating Rheimatism, malignancy and for getting rid of excess uric acid from the body.
  • Treating skin related problems like Eczema

Way ahead

With the research that potato juice helps in stomach related ailments, now there is research being underway on the method to extract the special type of molecule from the potato. The reason behind this effort is to use it in manufacture of probiotic drinks like yogurt or in the form of dietary supplements. Once this becomes a reality it will be good for us to intake this special dietary supplement and help protect ourselves from attack of any stomach related ailments.

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