Short walks help reduce Diabetes

It has been observed that taking short walks after having food helps reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, especially in old people. This research is more beneficial for the elderly especially those after 60 years of age. The details are as below:

The worst habit after meals

It is a very common habit for each one of us to take rest immediately after having food. This has been found as the worst habit to be done after meals. It has been observed that most of the people take a short rest or nap or watch television immediately after having meals. This habit when being done continuously results in full-blown type-2 diabetes at an early age.

How do short walks help?

When we have meals, there is usually a spike in the blood sugar that occurs immediately after having food. It is a good habit to take short walks immediately after having food. This helps reduce the type 2 diabetes by helping reduce the sudden surge in blood sugar.

Habits that help reduce blood sugar

Following are some of the good habits that help reduce the blood sugar:

  • Having short walks immediately after having meals
  • It is a good habit to either walk alone for 15 minutes or take the dog along with you for walking
  • Brisk walking or running (definitely not after meals) on a daily basis. It has been found that brisk walking has the same benefits as that of running. This helps prevent not only diabetes, but also high blood pressure and high cholesterol.
  • Regular practice of exercise. Exercise needs to be done in a moderate manner on a continuous basis and should not overdo the exercise.
  • Instead of doing exercise for one hour at a stretch during the morning, it is good to do exercise three times a day with about 15 minutes each.
  • Maintaining optimal BMI or Body Mass Index. This would occur if we maintain the correct body weight as per the gender and age.
  • Doing the simple small household activities after meals
  • Gardening
  • Intake of healthy balanced diet which is low in salt, fat and sugar is a good food habit to be taken
  • Intake of good quantities of fruits and vegetables especially those rich in fibre.

Research results

It has been found that majority of the population has pre-diabetes and are not aware of it.

How short walks help reduce Sugar in Older People

Our body needs Insulin to regulate blood sugar. In older people, there would be low secretion of Insulin from the Pancreas. At such an age, it is always a risk in developing type 2 diabetes and heart related diseases due to the high sugar content that results after meals.

Such people, when they adopt three short walks on a daily basis after meals, found that blood sugar was at a controlled level. It is found that walking for 45 minutes at a stretch during a day and having short walks for 15 minutes three times a day have same benefits.

When short walk is done, the blood sugar comes down for up to three hours after the meals.

Walking after a heavy meal is the Best Remedy

In some countries, people take large quantity of food during meals whereas in other countries, heavy food is taking in the evenings. It is better to do short walks immediately after having a heavy meal, be it in the afternoon or in the evening or night. Some people have the habit of having a casual walk in the evening along with the spouse discussing the various issues. It is being considered a good habit.

It has been a custom that a good walking environment or pavement for walking has been provided along with the newly constructed apartments. It is always good to make use of such opportunities to maintain our good health and keep away the type-2 diabetes.

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