How Solanum or Thoothuvalai can be used as Cough Reliever

Today let us see the medicinal uses of the most commonly available, Solanum. In Tamil, it is called as Thoothuvalai and commonly used as greens in Tamil Nadu.

Common and Botanical names

The botanical name of the herb is Solanum Trilobatum and belongs to the Solanaceae or potato family. The Tamil name is thoothuvalai. Other names include Poudre, Sudai, tutavalam, putharichunda, putricunta, puttacunta, achuda, agnidamani, agnidamini, alarka, vallikantakarika, etc

About Solanum

The shrub is a creeper having thorns. The flowers are violet in colour. All parts of the plant (leaves, flowers and fruits) have medicinal properties. When tasted, it has bitterness taste. Solanum is being considered an ingredient of Kayakalpa drugs. It is widely found to be grown in India and Malaysia. The herb grows widely in south India and is often found growing along highways and waste lands.

Primary Medicinal Uses

Cough and Cold

The herb is very effective in treating cold and cough. It also cures throat congestion. Recently I found that Vallarai chocolates are being sold in medical shops. This is for people who are suffering from cough.

Asthma and other respiratory diseases

People suffering from Asthma can take the juice of the herb. The fruits of the plant can be consumed in honey and consumed. It can also be used in treating various respiratory diseases, carcinoma, dyspnoea, anrexia, etc

Health Supplement

Solanum is an excellent medicine for maintaining youthfulness. Thoothuvalai is used very commonly used in Indian households as greens. It is very commonly sold in the market and vegetable shops. It is being used in houses as chutneys. It contains natural steroids and helps in maintaining health of individuals. It is a good stimulant and tonic and is often good to include as part of diet to maintain a healthy and happy family life.

Other Uses

  • Solanum has been used in making a variety of dishes like adai, chutney and other vegetable dishes.
  • People who wish to increase the strength of voice or like to have a loud voice can take Vallarai.
  • People who like to remain youthfulness and remain young have a pinch of Vallarai on a daily basis.
  • The herb is used in treating lung diseases and tuberculosis.

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