Soon, Tears can diagnose your health

Recently I came across an interesting article in The Hindu. The article talks about how tears can be used for testing body health similar to Urine test that is being done now. Find below some interesting extracts from the article:

Research on Eye Tears

Research is being conducted on how tears can be used to tell the entire body’s health similar to the urine test being done now. Now, tears are being used in testing to diagnose eye related problems. Researchers are trying to detect proteins in the eye which will help predict diseases like cancer. A German study has reported diagnosing breast cancer based on tear testing. Narayana Nethralaya has set up an exclusive lab for researching dry eyes.

Dry Eyes – Symptoms and Problems

About 40 percent of the patients that come for eye related problems are suferring from eye dryness. Causes of Dry Eyes Dry eyes are caused due to multiple reasons – exposure to computers for more than 6 hours a day, insufficient blinking, diseases like diabetes, arthritis, menopause or use of other medications. Use of air-conditioning Smoking Symptoms Eye dryness, itching in the eyes, grittiness, burning sensation or foreign body sensation in the eyes are common symptoms. Some may experience excessively watery eyes

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