Tips for taking care of your Acne Skin

What is Acne?

Acne is also known as Acne Vulgaris. It occurs mainly when one enters puberty. At this stage, the oil glands beneath the skin get stimulated in both boys and girls. Acne is not dangerous. It becomes a problem when it leaves scars on the skin. Pimples start appearing due to the accumulation of oil beneath the skin. In many people, the acne scars appear in the face, chest, back, neck and shoulders.

Who gets affected by Acne?

Acne is quite common among adolescents and those in the age group of 11 to 30 years. It occurs among boys and girls across the globe irrespective of other factors. It is more predominant in boys due to the high secretion of testosterone compared to girls. Few people beyond 30’s also get Acne.

Why Acne appears

The exact reason for Acne is not known. However, it is believed that the main reason is because of the high Androgen levels in the body. Some women during their pregnancy experience Acne.

How to take care of your skin if you have Acne

Wash Regularly

It is always a good practice to wash your face or the skin where acne appears. It is advisable to wash about two times a day. Use only mild soaps for washing.

Clean Hands

Keep your hands clean. Wash your hands regularly. Since we touch the face often with hands, keeping the hands clean is very essential.

Clean Hair

It is better to keep your hair clean and away from the face.

Appropriate Cosmetics

You need to take care to use cosmetics and makeup that has less oil and which does not clog up the pores. Also, you need to remove the cosmetics when going to sleep.

Leave the pimples as it is

Do not burst or break the pimples. This makes the infection worse and causes further swelling and soreness.

Loose Clothes

If you have scars on your face, it is better to wear loose clothing, since good aeration is required.

Avoid Exposure to Sun

Excessive exposure to sun would result in acne becoming worse.

Factors that make Acne Worse


High mental stress affects the hormonal levels in the body. This affects the acne.

Hot Climate

Living in hot environment makes us sweat more and makes Acne worse.


Menstrual cycle produces hormonal changes which results in Acne in becoming worse.

Oily cosmetics

Using cosmetics that are oily in nature blocks the pores in the skin and makes the acne worse.

Daily Habits

Some of the daily habits like eating chocolates, bursting the pimples, consuming oil rich food, consuming a lot of junk food, keeping the skin dirty, etc has negative effects on the scars of the skin.

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